Hingham Jewelers Mother’s Day Contest Winner: Day 5, Christine Puzo, “Christine the Good”


Photos provided by Katie Puzo


Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY! Moms are some of the most selfless and hard-working people we know. Many of them don't often get the recognition they deserve, especially in times like these.

During this pandemic, many moms are working 40+ hours a week in addition to homeschooling (some single-handedly), others have had to sacrifice time with their own parents in an effort to keep them safe and healthy.  Many women have raised their hand to volunteer to support our community in any way they can, and others are worrying about their adult children from afar when all they want to do is hold them close. Finally, we can’t forget about all of the local mothers who are first-responders sacrificing their own family’s safety to care for those who need it most now.  We are all experiencing unique circumstances and deserve to be recognized for our superhero status.

To celebrate the incredible moms in our town, the Anchor has partnered with Hingham Jewelers to honor these amazing women for everything they do.

In these final days leading up to Mother's Day, the Anchor will recognize some amazing moms in our community. Readers were invited to submit a mother in their life to be recognized on the Anchor in the days leading up to mothers day. Of the submissions, five were chosen at random (since all moms are heroes to us!) to receive a beautiful necklace from Hingham Jewelers. 

Today, we are proud to announce our fifth and final winner.


“Christine the Good,” “The Monster of Care,” “Nana.”

This Mother’s Day, I have an even deeper love, respect, and admiration for the woman M.E., Eileen, James, I call “Mom” (well, tbh, I call her “Chrissypoo”).  I can’t think of anyone who embodies love, selflessness, loyalty, faith, family, and friendship more than she. Unconditional love is her natural setting and it’s given freely without any strings attached. No “command performances” are ever expected and she loves each one of her kids, sons in law, and grandkids for the  individual people we are. If you count my mom as a friend you are indeed rich. When not hosting “Nana Days” for not only her own grandkids but the grandkids of her friends she’s taking care of her parents at Linden Ponds, being a pastoral minister at Allerton, volunteering at the Food Pantry, rabidly cheering on the Celtics, never missing a recital or a game, and being an all around fun, kind, gorgeous, and incredible human.

She balances her elegance with fun and silliness and will beat anyone at scrabble, Yahtzee, and do so with glee.

Even being one of four kids, I never felt like I was anything except her favorite, something I think all of us Puzo kids assume we are!

I love you, Chrissypoo, and cannot wait until I can hug you. Love you so so much. Happy mother’s day to the GOAT!

Submitted by: Katie Puzo


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  1. Well done! So well written with LOVE & so well deserved!!! Bravo and God bless Christine Puzo!!!❤️🙏😘


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