Halloweek’s Weather Report from Team Meteorologist Michael Page

Sunday, October 25, 2020 by meteorologist Michael Page

The final week of October will be rather gray, but conditions will brighten up again in time for Halloween weekend!

Here are three things to know about this week’s weather in Hingham.

1. A cool and gloomy week...

Temperatures this week will be quite a bit cooler than we’ve been used to: afternoon temperatures will only be in the 50s most days and by Friday, we’ll likely stay in the 40s!

There will be a lot of clouds this week, along with a few spotty showers on Monday; even with the clouds, there will be plenty of dry times to be outside through mid-week. However, there’s likely to be a heavier slug of rain that comes through Thursday into early Friday: that looks like the wettest time of the week.

Photo by Unsplash artist Patryk Sobczak.

2. But, it'll be brighter by Halloweekend!

That late week rain should be shipping out just in time for Halloween weekend; as it does, sunshine will return with a shot of chilly air.

Temperatures on Halloween morning will likely be near freezing while daytime temperatures, for your spooky festivities, will be near 50 degrees. For those families still opting to trick-or-treat, think layers under the costume. Temperatures will be dipping back down into the low- and mid-40s during the evening.

Photo by Unsplash artist Neven Krcmarek.

3. And, don't forget to "fall back” this weekend.

Don’t forget that this coming weekend is already the end of daylight saving time! That means on Saturday night, after your Halloween fun, we “fall back” one hour.

The good news: you’ll gain an hour of sleep. The bad news: the sunset will go from 5:38 PM on Saturday, to 4:36 PM by Sunday.

If you’re an early riser though, sunrise will go from 7:16 AM on Saturday to 6:18 AM on Sunday!

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash.

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