Police Investigating Incident of Cemetery Headstones Knocked Over

March 4, 2020

Police are investigating an incident where several cemetery headstones were knocked over in the Hingham Cemetery on 12 South St.

On Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 1:10pm Officers responded to a report that several headstones had been knocked over. Officers found nine headstones in the same row that had clearly been knocked over. No other headstones were damaged in the cemetery. Several of the damaged headstones belonged to Veterans. It does not appear that any one group or family were targeted.

The damage was reported by a person who regularly walks through the cemetery who did notice the damage the day before. The day before, March 3, there was a brush fire in a different section of the cemetery.

Hingham Cemetery is a private cemetery with entrances on Main Street, South Street and Water Street. It dates back to the 1672. The area where the headstones were knocked over was on hill between the Main Street and South Street entrances.

This remains under investigation. If you have any information please contact our Detectives at 781-741-1443 or you can leave an anonymous tip on the “Submit A Tip” tab on our home page (hpd.org).

*Photos Courtesy of Hingham Police Department

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