PJ’s Perspectives: Hingham Men’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Last Minute Shopper

It's that time of year again!  That's right...you have ONE week left to complete your shopping.  For all of you who are looking for last-minute gifts for that special guy in your life, we decided to take a trip around town and come up with the 5 local holiday gifts for your man right here in the 02043!

Green Light Gift Card

I don’t know about the other guys but I am 100% guilty when it comes to forgetting to eat during the day.  Honestly, it just takes too much time!  My number one stop when I am rushing around town and need to get some calories in me before I get hangry is Green Light.  Just go for the #2 with greens.  (you're welcome) Give the gift of calories that are healthy by going with a gift card to keep in the car/truck.

Assembly Showroom

FINALLY we have an awesome store downtown that has tons of great gift ideas for guys.  I love flannels and functionality.  Swing into Assembly and see Matt for a Faherty Brothers Flannel.   These guys know how to make a comfortable shirt that can be worn both in the office or on the job site.  Prices on these vary depending on the style.

While you are there check out the Wooly Made stick on wallet.  He can get organized and can finally drop the George Costanza wallet for good! This thing sticks to the back of a phone allowing for only a few cards to go with you for your everyday purchases.  The best part is that it is slim so it won’t stick to your pocket when you pull it out. ($32)

Ralph's Wine Merchant and Cracker Barrel - Craft Beer!

Craft Beer.  Enough Said.  Ralph's Hingham Wine Merchant, Cracker Barrel and Queen Ann Wine and Spirits  have great selections super-convenient central locations. For a lot of guys, this is all they need to guarantee a merry Christmas. (especially if the in-laws are going to be around) My personal favorite is the Lynn based Bent Water brewery. It’s local and packs a punch.  It's a crap shoot on when it will be in stock but you have three great spots to try to snag it!

Hingham Lumber - Stihl Backpack Blower

Photo provided by PJ Antonik

Let's face it.  Raking leaves sucks and it hurts your back.  So naturally we would consider a leaf blower right?  Yes.  But now take it up a notch.  If you're going to spend the cash on a blower don’t waste your time with one that plugs in.  Just go straight to the top and get a semi commercial backpack blower if you want to get the job done.  Yes they are expensive!  AND maybe slightly overkill…  BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT!  If you expect to get him back in the house quickly and not let him have the excuse that he needs to, “work on the leaves,” then chalk up some cash and buy the big semi commercial backpack blower.  It will save tons of time, allow him to have his time but get him finished up faster and more efficiently.  The BR 700x is one step down from a full commercial blower but packs the punch you need at a slightly lower cost at $550. (tip - grab ear plugs while you are there…)

There you have it!  Now you all know basically the 5 things that I either already have and love or am asking for! (and some of my excuses…) Get shopping!

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