Opinion: “What makes Hingham Hingham?” I’d like your opinion.

August 18, 2023 By Glenn Mangurian

Dear Hingham Resident,

I’m working on an essay for the Hingham Anchor on “What Makes Hingham Hingham?” I’m soliciting opinions via email, the Anchor newsletter as well as random conversations I will have, in person, around town.

To contribute, just click on this link. Your response can be as short as a few sentences or a few paragraphs. Some responses will need a little explanation. For example, you might respond “the people” or “the schools”. Please explain what about your response “makes Hingham Hingham”.

Completing the survey should take a minute or so. All responses are anonymous. Thank you in advance for your response. I will summarize the opinions later this month in the Hingham Anchor.

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