Opinion: We need a nurse like Johanna Burwell on the Board of Health

Photo courtesy of Irish Eyes photography

May 19, 2021, Submitted by Katie McBrine, M.D.

As a pediatrician and engaged citizen, it makes me incredibly proud to be able to endorse Johanna Burwell for Hingham's Board of Health. Johanna is the fresh perspective and real-world experience we need on the Board.

Since moving here three years ago, Johanna has dived into our community, helping out wherever she can fill a need. From delivering Pride flags, getting involved with the PTO, to actually administering COVID vaccines as a volunteer this past year, she has the energy, the expertise, and the ability to help the Board of Health become the community resource we need in this new era. Johanna has worked as a nurse for her entire career in its many variations. She has been in the operating room as a nurse anesthetist, she has been in schools as an elementary school nurse, and she has been on the back end in administration. She knows not only how to talk to all members of the public about health issues, but also how to handle the paperwork that takes up far too much of any job in healthcare nowadays.

Johanna is the kind of candidate that comes along once in a blue moon: Experienced, thoughtful, and excited about the work ahead. Join me in voting for Johanna Burwell for Hingham Board of Health this Saturday, May 22nd. Johanna is just the prescription we need!

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