OPINION: “We are supporting Matt LeBretton”

May 12, 2022 by Sarah and Matt D’Souza

As Hingham residents and parents of three daughters in elementary, middle, and high school, we are so deeply concerned and interested in giving them the very best education we can.  Like many parents over the last two years we were surprised to learn Hingham wasn’t living up to its reputation and operating at its fullest potential to offer the best quality, most innovative and inclusive educational experience we all expected.  This discovery made us angry, at times worried and overall helpless.  We felt like we were failing our children. Rather than complain, we wanted to take action, do something to help, give back to our community that we all love.

We’ve known Matt LeBretton for many years and have watched him launch a very successful career, raise a wonderful family and give back so much and in so many ways to this community that he is so proud to call his home.  When he told us he was running for School Committee, while it sounded like a huge endeavor and something not many people would be willing to do during this challenging time, it suddenly all made sense to us. We now have a way to take action, a way to give back to help our students, our schools and our community.

We are supporting Matt LeBretton because we know he will go to bat for our kids.

As a lawyer and strategic advisor he is skilled at working collaboratively, asking hard questions and offering diverse ideas and solutions to achieve better and different outcomes. He will do this for our students, teachers and our community.

He is a true leader and will bring prioritization, rigor, accountability and transparency to the budgeting process.

We also know he will go above and beyond to provide a better experience for all students and for all of us families who are so vested in the future of our school system.

Matt LeBretton will be a very welcome addition to the School Committee and we are so excited and proud to support his campaign.  Please join us in voting Matt LeBretton on May 14th.

-Sarah and Matt D’Souza

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