Opinion: The Anchor Started the WAVE

February 21, 2024 By Linden Ponds

This is an expression of gratitude to the Hingham Anchor (and Carol Meyer) for igniting a fundraising campaign that spread like a wave across the US and Canada. Carol Meyer wrote a story about the Lovely Ladies of Linden Ponds Calendar which was created to support our Resident Care Fund here at Linden Ponds. Linden Ponds is a nonprofit retirement community here in Hingham and we promise our fellow residents that no one will have to leave here if they run out of resources. We call it the Home For Life promise. We hold an annual campaign to raise the money needed to back up this promise. This year, the 20th Anniversary of Linden Ponds, we decided to create a calendar that celebrates the idea that aging is not something to fear. Calendars are $20 each and so far, we have raised $26,500 of our goal of $30,000. We have less than 200 calendars left so if you want one before they are gone, please email lori.rohleder@erickson.com. Thanks for supporting our great cause, the Linden Ponds Resident Care Fund.

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