OPINION : Thank You, Hingham

8 Short St Hingham

April 29, 2024 By Dick Orr

At last Thursday’s Town Meeting, Article 25 — “Sale of 8 Short Street” —  was tabled due to community opposition. I am delighted to remain as the tenant there and to continue my furniture making shop.

More importantly, this wonderful historic property will remain part of the town. Hingham did not lose this piece of its history. I was pleasantly surprised but also moved by the pushback to the proposed sale and struck by the number of people willing to speak out with their thoughtful objections.

The old school house then-fire-station at 8 Short Street is one historic asset that makes Hingham the special town that it is and one of the reasons why I have happily lived here for 40 years. Thank you town voters for coming together to ensure that  the town remains the steward of this venerable property.

I will be hosting an open house in the near future, with more details to come.

Community members are welcome to reach out to me at luteorr2@yahoo.com with questions or comments about the building.

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