OPINION: Pool proposal before this Town Meeting in line with non-fossil fuel reliant “net zero” principles

Photo by Brian Matangelo

April 22, 2022 By Christin Eigenmann on behalf of Hingham Net Zero

Hingham Net Zero is Hingham’s citizen action group working to reduce our carbon emissions as a community.

At Town Meeting on April 30, Hingham voters will consider funding construction of a new seasonal pool at the Country Club. Hingham Net Zero has been continuing to consult with the volunteers and staff working on this project, and we are very enthusiastic about the direction the construction proposal is going.

Heating and cooling at the bathhouse will be provided by heat pumps which, being all electric, will be free of carbon emissions when Hingham Light reaches its goal of a carbon-emissions-free power supply. In addition, both the bathhouse and the maintenance facility currently under construction will be solar-ready.

Originally the Country Club committee had planned to install a gas line as part of the construction authorized by this Town Meeting. It would be efficient to install it in the first round of construction, but it would not actually be needed unless or until a future Town Meeting authorizes construction of a bubble over the pool. At the request of Hingham Net Zero the Country Club committee has agreed not to connect to gas during this phase of construction. They have committed to work with Hingham Net Zero to seek non-fossil fuel alternatives if a bubble is constructed in the future, and we are looking forward very much to helping with that research.

The project includes a number of other environmentally friendly features, a reflection of the Country Club committee’s dedication to these goals. We commend the committee for helping to set a standard for our town going forward - attention to carbon emissions and environmental responsibility should be part of all our building projects from now on. We are happy to know that if built, the pool will meet the town’s new goal of addressing our carbon emissions.

Hingham Net Zero looks forward to continuing our collaboration with the Country Club into the future.

-Christin Eigenmann on behalf of Hingham Net Zero

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