Opinion: Liz Klein for Select Board

Liz Klein at the South Shore 40 under 40 awards.
Liz Klein at the South Shore 40 under 40 awards.
May 20, 2021 submitted by Robyn Blatchley, Lisa Brennan, Katie Daly, Liz Deininger, Jennie Donegan, Alison Fabella, Caroline MacKenzie, Nik Nihan, Zoe Pirnie, Cheryl Russo and Allison Skidmore

Seeking opportunities to get more involved in Town and community service,

Liz Klein joined the Hingham Women’s Club (then known as Hingham Mothers’ Club) in 2008.  Her tenure in the Club includes serving as Festival of Trees sub-committee member, Treasurer, President, and Advisor. Liz brought an energy that was contagious and inspired others to get involved.  At a time when the Club, started in 1940, was struggling and at risk of dissolving, Liz innovatively and creatively led a small, but powerful group of women to expand the club, update its focus, and set the organization on a path of growth to be a support system for the South Shore community. Another highlight of Liz’s contributions to the organization was the creation of the Butterfly Effect Award, recognizing that a single person's efforts on a local level can have a profound effect on the world around her. The "butterfly effect," first coined by chaos theory scientists, stipulates that the tiny motions of a butterfly's wings can have significant impact on the weather patterns around the world.  The award was inspired by the late Carolyn Ouellette, a Hingham mom active in our community.

Based on Liz’s experience bringing people together, tackling difficult issues, working towards common goals, and inspiring others, we are excited to endorse her candidacy for Hingham Select Board.  We hope you join us in voting for Liz Klein to bring leadership, integrity, and creative energy to the Hingham Select Board.

Please vote on May 22nd and please vote Liz Klein for Select Board!


Former and current Presidents of the Hingham Women’s Club

 Robyn Blatchley

Lisa Brennan

Katie Daly

Liz Deininger

Jennie Donegan

Alison Fabella

Caroline MacKenzie

Nik Nihan

Zoe Pirnie

Cheryl Russo

Allison Skidmore

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