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February 16, 2024 Submitted by The Hingham Sports Partnership Board

Hingham is fortunate to benefit from the many nonprofit groups and volunteers that aim to improve our community. Hingham Sports Partnership (HSP), a local nonprofit whose mission for 30 years has been to advance youth and high school sports in Hingham, has recently taken on a major challenge: to fund the construction of a new wellness facility to be named “The DOCK” at Hingham High School. This proposed new building will replace the aging storage/maintenance building adjacent to the running track. It is intended to serve and welcome all students, regardless of athletic participation or physical or intellectual ability.

The high school needs a modernized facility because the existing weight room is less than adequate for many reasons.

Providing a welcoming space where all students can gather is the overarching reason HSP decided to pursue this endeavor. Few non-athletes utilize the current space at all, particularly female students and those requiring support of some kind. While new programming at the high school includes yoga and mindfulness, the class setting is not the optimal location that will enable students to adequately relax and benefit fully from the sessions.

Lastly, the impressive 80% student athletic participation rate at HHS means that students place a lot of value in sports, wellness, and fitness activities. Keeping our athletes well-conditioned can reduce injuries, improve mental focus and encourage healthy coping skills. Several teams also outsource their workouts offsite, costing parents and students time and money.

The DOCK will be a one-of-a-kind project funded completely through philanthropy. HSP Board members, many generous local families, Special Needs Athletic Partnership (SNAP), South Shore Bank, Coastal Dealerships, and many youth and high school sports leaders became early supporters whose participation in this effort has made a significant impact. The largest contributions to this project have been from HSP and The Davis Family, owners of New Balance; because of the successful naming bylaw amendment approved at Town Meeting in 2023, they will be the first donor to secure naming rights on a town-owned building.

What HSP needs now and over the next few months is for Hingham residents and businesses to support The DOCK project and help get us to the finish line!

Our HSP board has done the heavy lifting thus far, raising over $1.1 million. We must raise an additional $400,000 by June to keep the intended timeline intact for the project. The goal is to break ground during the summer 2024 and a completed building in winter 2025.

As we continue the dedicated fundraising outreach we began in September 2022, we hope that you will recognize our efforts and determination. Join us to realize HSP’s vision for The DOCK. Donation levels have been in the range of $25-$150,000. Tax-deductible gifts in any amount will be greatly appreciated and bring us closer to our goal. All donations of $500 or greater will receive donor recognition.

We hope you see the tremendous value this project can add to the HHS culture and experience that we wish for all our students. A completed project will elevate the campus at HHS, bringing students together while promoting exercise and wellness in a meaningful way.

Ways to Give:
1) Venmo: @hinghamsports (please include name & address in message line)
2) PayPal: Hingham Sports Partnership
3) Send checks made out to Hingham Sports Partnership to: PO Box #48 Hingham MA 02043
4) HSP has a brokerage account through Fidelity and can accept securities donations. Email hsp@hinghamsports.com for info.

Check with your employer to see if your donation qualifies for a matching gift from the company. HSP is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

With gratitude and high hopes,
The Hingham Sports Partnership Board

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