Opinion: Dear Mrs. Claus

December 11, 2023 By Glen Mangurian

Dear Mrs. Claus,

Thank you for your dedication to the mission and spirit of the Christmas season. While Santa may be the face of magical gift delivery, it is your work behind the scenes that ensures everything runs smoothly. Mrs. Claus has been traditionally depicted as a kind, white-haired elderly female baking cookies or mending clothes somewhere in the background of the Santa Claus mythology. But I know better.

Without your leadership and motivation of the elves, operations would be disorganized and the toys would not get to the little boys and girls on time. Of course it all starts with reading the letters to Santa from the children.

The elves must log each letter and determine who is requesting which gifts. You must then instruct the acquisition department which toys are needed. With recent supply chain issues, I know it is a lot of work to ensure that the vendors can deliver what you order on time. Thank you for including the batteries with all the toys. Your work with the logistics department to map Santa’s journey around the world from the North Pole is no easy task. We know that Santa cannot carry all the gifts in his sleigh so you need to make sure that the resupply depots along the route are stocked appropriately and there is sufficient food for the reindeer to fuel the long trip.

Shinny, the leader of the elves, tells me that your operational skills are excellent and the elves experience you as a caring leader. While you might not get the recognition that you deserve, Santa’s workshop consistently is rated one of the “Best Places to Work” by “Working Elves Magazine”. I also want to acknowledge the love and emotional support you give to Santa. He is getting up there in age and his memory is not what it once was.

Your partnership with him has been invaluable over these many years. After some much needed rest, I hope you and the Mister have an opportunity to travel someplace warm before the planning for 2024 starts.

Wishing you happy holidays,
Gail and Glenn Mangurian

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