OPINION: A Letter from the Republican Town Committee

Hingham Republican Town Committee

February 28, 2024 By Melissa Smith, Chair HRTC & Barbara McAlvin, Vice-Chair & Treasurer HRTC

Dear Hingham Republican Voter,

At the March 5th Presidential Primary Election, you will vote for the presidential candidate you feel best represents the Republican party’s values. You will also elect Republican State Committee members and members of the local Hingham Republican Town Committee (HRTC). These grass roots supporters of the Republican party are your friends and neighbors.

This year, there will be two groups running for membership in the HRTC. We, the candidates in Group 1 listed below, are all current members of the HRTC, and we respectfully ask for your vote.

Melissa Smith Laura English Marwill
Leah Godfrey William English
Barbara McAlvin Bonnard Fage
Ben Barclay Helga Jorgensen
Sue Barclay Kathleen Lincoln
Brad Bennion Edward J. Matthews
Carlton Alan Chambers Judith Chris Nims
Elizabeth Claypoole Laraine Finneran
Cathlynn Claypoole Kathleen Peloquin
Susan Earle Jerry Seelen

We are proud to represent the accumulated experience of the HRTC, which is one of the most successful and respected Republican Town Committees in Massachusetts. We would like to continue our tradition of promoting Republican values by supporting Republican candidates for office, filling important local positions such as Voter Registrar and election worker and contributing to the broader community with our annual Candidates Forum.

Over the years, to respect comity in the community, the HRTC has not taken public positions on local issues, recognizing that friends and neighbors can reasonably disagree over important issues. Instead, we work to support Republican candidates whose positions reflect our values on issues locally and nationally.

You will have the option to vote for all names in Group 1 by filling in the Group 1 oval, or you can select names individually. You only can vote to elect a total of 32 names between the two groups. If a voter chooses too many names or fills in both group ovals, the Hingham Republican Town Committee section will be disqualified (please note this will not impact the rest of your ballot).

Going forward, we encourage you to become involved in the activities of the HRTC to help bring the balance that a two-party system provides back to our state and local governments. You can reach out to the HRTC at www.hinghamrtc.com or hinghamrtc@yahoo.com

Thank you for your consideration and please vote for Group 1.

Melissa Smith, Chair HRTC
Barbara McAlvin, Vice-Chair & Treasurer HRTC

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