MIAA Approves Fall II Season


Friday, January 29, 2021 - Story and photo by Joshua Ross

The MIAA Board of Directors voted to today to move ahead with the Fall II season, which will take place from February 22, 2021 - April 25, 2021.  This includes football, winter track, and unified basketball.

"It's huge," Head Football Coach Mark Nutley tells the Anchor.  "Hearing the news today is exciting.  It's good for the kids, they deserve it and they need it."

While he admits he hasn't had a chance to fully digest all the modifications that came out hours ago, he, the coaches, and the players are ready to get back on the field since stopping after the Fall I season in November.  In this unique season, he sees an opportunity for some kids this year.

"I hope we pick up some other athletes in school," Nutley says about potentially recruiting some fall athletes that would normally have a conflict with football.  "When do you get a chance to play four sports in high school in a year?"

While practice will start on 2/22, the first game won't be until 3/12.

A full list of modifications for each sport can be found on the MIAA's COVID-19 Task Force page.

MIAA Letter
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