Meet Mark Blaudschun — the new sports feature writer for the Hingham and Cohasset Anchors

Mark Blaudschun

May 20, 2022 By Carol Britton Meyer

Scituate resident Mark Blaudschun, who has spent his entire 52-year writing career doing what he likes best -- covering sports nationally and around the world, including interviewing many famous sports figures -- has joined the Hingham and Cohasset Anchor teams to bring readers everything-local in sports coverage.

While he enjoys interviewing legendary athletes and covering "big time" sports events, Blaudschun shared that some of his best -- and favorite -- stories have come from interviewing athletes, coaches, and others involved in local high school and other sports -- with a focus now on Cohasset and Hingham.

After growing up in New Jersey -- where he started writing sports stories at the age of 15 -- he majored in journalism in college and went on to spend 30 years working for the Dallas Morning News and the Boston Globe, among other assignments. He is also known for his TMG Sports and Sports Illustrated columns.

"I was a stringer for the Bergen Record in New Jersey through high school and went on to major in journalism at the University of Miami and to write for the Miami Herald," Blaudschun said. "I have always worked as a sportswriter, from covering high school and college sports to Super Bowls,  the Olympics, NBA and other championships, and the World Series, among others."

His writing assignments have taken him far and wide -- including Australia and London. Among the most well-known sports figures he has met and written about are Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan -- along with prominent figures in every sport.

"I've seen the best and worst of society and people in my work," Blaudschun said. "Money has changed everything for sports, which has turned from a game to a business, which is unfortunate in a lot of ways."

Since his first love has been sports from an early age -- although he readily admits that he wasn't a star athlete! -- and writing, becoming a sportswriter proved to be a winning combination.

Blaudschun recalls that one of his greatest joys as a young boy was listening to the World Series in the afternoon. "Now the games are aired from about 8 p.m. to midnight or 1 a.m., which isn't convenient for a lot of fans."

It therefore comes as no surprise that people often enjoy watching local baseball and other games more than "big time" sports "because the teams are still playing for the love of the game. It's as true is it gets. The same holds for Little League games, where you're watching kids enjoying the sport they are playing."

Looking ahead, Blaudschun plans to write stories about the Spring sports season; talk with Cohasset and Hingham High School athletic directors to hear about how their teams are faring amidst today's challenges -- from the pandemic to budget restraints; and interviewing coaches, athletes, and others involved in local sports. "It's a different world," he said.

Blaudschun has more recently noticed a trend. "Media coverage of sports seems to be returning to local roots -- that's what people want to hear about these days."

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