Joshua Ross Candidacy Announcement for Board of Assessors

Photo courtesy of Joshua Ross

March 31, 2021, Submitted by Joshua Ross

My name is Joshua Ross and I am announcing my candidacy for Board of Assessors. I've been a resident of Hingham for 15 years and actively involved with a variety of committees, organizations, and projects in town. My leadership background, volunteerism and technical skills combined make me uniquely qualified to serve and help move Hingham forward for the benefit of all citizens.

Hingham will weather the Covid-19 storm this year with the help of federal funding, fund balance and a stronger than expected real estate market, yet we must continue to proactively plan and consider other possible solutions to meet the significant budget deficit challenges forecasted. My goal is to promote fair and equal treatment of all taxpayers when they are being administered their property tax, motor vehicle and boat excise tax, and all other related exemptions. With this in mind, I believe it warrants other approaches to navigate any issues which could arise from decisions town government has previously made. Moving forward, instead of reacting, I believe issues should be addressed before they can become problematic. By taking a holistic approach and reviewing all options - big or small - our community will be better served and successfully reach the multi-year plans laid out for the town. Together, we can address critical infrastructure needs, strengthen our schools and provide economic development opportunities throughout Hingham.

My family and I love Hingham. It is the best place to live, work and play, as evidenced by the many new faces that will fill seats across town government this spring. I believe this is what our town needs - new energy, new ideas, and new determination to tackle the ambitious goals for all citizens. As one of the few contested races, I want to be part of this collaboration. I’d be honored to have your vote so, together, we can continue to move Hingham forward.

Photo courtesy of Joshua Ross

Joshua Ross is a professional photographer and the Sports Editor of The Hingham Anchor, where he is part owner. A graduate of Syracuse University (BS ’96, MBA ’99), he served as Chair of the Compressor Station Task Force, and President for both the Hingham Middle and High School PTO. Josh and his wife, Sara, have two teenagers and live in Crow Point.

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