International Astrologer with a South Shore Address: Decoding the Stars and Soul with Jill Jardine

Jill Jardine, photo by Kerry Brett photography.

January 29, 2024 By Marisa Olsen

It’s nearly impossible to describe South Shore’s Jill Jardine in just a few words. Perhaps a cosmic goddess or astrologer to the stars? As a teacher, astrologer, psychic medium, podcast star, and therapist, Jill’s life has taken many paths.

Jill didn’t begin her path in such esoteric artistry, although she was always drawn to astrology and tarot, and believed she had a psychic ability at a young age. During high school, she would read tarot cards for classmates, which she refers to as a fun party trick.

Jill comes from an impressive family; her parents are British, surviving the bombing of Britain during WW2, and her brother, Henry, is a US ambassador, and another brother is head partner at a Bucharest law firm and owns a popular vineyard and retreat center in Romania, “Jardine Hills.” She jokingly refers to herself as the outlier of the family or what she calls “an Aquarian pioneer.” Jill grew up spending time in Connecticut and New Zealand as a child. She earned a degree in public relations from Boston University, and worked at WBUR radio and CBS radio network in Boston. She pursued a teaching degree and then became a high school teacher. She continued higher education, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Counseling/Psychology while working at Harvard Law School and in the Harvard Anthropology Department.

Throughout her life, Jill encountered various near death experiences, and felt there was a calling. She often heard or saw visions before coming to consciousness. These events and visions catapulted her to further investigate other realms and theories about life and spirituality. She realized she had a gift.

Jill decided to pursue her gift and got a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and studied Holistic Psychology and Jungian therapy.

Fast forward, and today, Jill is an intuitive, healer, therapist, past life regression hypnotist, and astrologer. She also hosts her own podcast called Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine and writes for Newsbreak, where you can read some of her astrological articles here.

While she resides in the South Shore and works in Cohasset, Jill has an international following. She does online and Zoom readings for clients all over the globe, from Australia to Singapore to the UK to Portugal and all over the US. Her readings are in-depth and focus on Western and Vedic astrology. While she loves the virtual appointments, she is particularly fond of working in-person at her office in Balance Studios in downtown Cohasset.

I’ve been eager to meet Jill for a while. I wanted to learn about her gifts and work, especially as my interest in various spiritual modalities increased and I was curious to learn more about my past, present, and future.

I decided to book a natal chart, or birth chart reading, which involves sharing the date, time, and location of your birth. Based on those points, astrologers can look into the universe and planets, and see archetypal energies that predict certain aspects of your life.

During my reading, we sat in a sunny, comfortable room. Jill began by explaining some of her modalities. She cleared the room for any negative energy and began with a Sanskrit chant to call in my spirit guides. We sat together for an hour, learning about my sun, moon, and rising signs as well as planets and future transits. We spoke in detail about patterns in my life and how I have grown as a person. She shared advice for my future professional, family, and personal  goals, and helped me zero in on upcoming themes in my life. After my session, Jill cleared the room and came back to ask if I had any questions from my reading. It was a comforting experience. She refers to her sessions as healing, and when I left, I felt grounded but open minded.

It’s important to note, Jill does not call herself a medium as she cannot guarantee a loved person will come through during a session. While many who come to have a session with Jill are anxious and stressed out about their lives and their future, Jill’s advice is to, “Be inspired by your future.”

To have a reading or to learn more about Jill’s work, visit Jill’s website.

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