HMLP unveils updated rebate program to streamline customer experience and expand offerings

June 25, 2024 Submitted by Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant Sustainability Coordinator Brianna Bennett

The Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant (HMLP) is excited to announce updates to its rebate program. These updates are designed to make the process more user-friendly for customers and introduce new rebated items. As part of HMLP’s Electrify Hingham initiative, these updates promote sustainability, energy efficiency, and responsible electrification.

The updated program features new rebates for battery-operated lawn equipment, induction stoves, heat pump dryers, and air purifiers. These are in addition to HMLP’s existing programs for heat pumps, weatherization, electric vehicles, solar, and other Energy Star appliances.

Starting in 2024, HMLP’s dedicated Customer Service Department will process rebates. This shift’ in-house’ is expected to reduce administrative fees, cut processing times, and improve customer experience. Now, customers can apply for rebates directly through HMLP’s website (, and the time to receive a rebate check or credit will be cut down from 6 to 12  to 3-1/2 weeks.

Before embarking on an energy efficiency or electrification project, explore HMLP’s comprehensive programs. HMLP offers a range of resources to support customers, including no-cost consultations, contractor lists, and quote comparisons. Customers can even obtain pre-approval for heat pump installations to ensure their project is designed adequately for their home and the rebate.

HMLP is eager to take a hands-on role in assisting its customers through every step to save energy and transition away from fossil fuels as we strive towards the Town of Hingham’s goal to be Net Zero by 2040.

“HMLP is committed to supporting the Hingham community in its efforts to become more energy-efficient and sustainable,” said Brianna Bennett, Sustainability Coordinator of HMLP. “Our updated rebate program not only makes it easier for customers to access these benefits but also expands the range of options available, encouraging the adoption of technologies that improve our homes’ comfort and reduce energy bills.”

For more information on HMLP’s rebates, visit, email, or call 781-749-0134.

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