“Hingham’s Luke Hansen Takes Center Stage in Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker”

November 14, 2023 By Hilary Jenison (photos provided by Megan Hansen)

Meet Luke Hansen, a 13-year-old ballet prodigy from Hingham, who will debut in the role of “Fritz” in Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker this year. In a brief interview, Luke shares insights into his life, dreams, and the balancing act of school and dance.

Luke, a student at Derby Academy, lives in Hingham with his parents and siblings Sophia, Brooke, and Ben, and the adorable duo of Maisy the golden retriever and Charlie the chihuahua. Passionate about ballet since the age of 7, Luke’s dream role as “Fritz” has been a cherished aspiration since his first encounter with The Nutcracker at the age of 5.

When asked about managing his demanding schedule, Luke reveals his commitment to four days of ballet classes and bi-weekly Nutcracker rehearsals. Despite the challenges, Luke credits his supportive family and school, which granted him a sports waiver, allowing more time for homework. The budding artist emphasizes the importance of time management to strike a balance between academic responsibilities and his dancing pursuits.

Beyond the dance studio, Luke finds joy in spending time with family and friends, as well as participating in drama and musicals at school. Looking ahead, Luke shares his aspirations to attend Walnut Hill School for the Arts in ninth grade, fostering his dance journey with Boston Ballet School at a Provisional level and potentially opening doors to professional opportunities with renowned dance companies.

Luke’s mother, Megan, is full of pride when sharing her son’s lead role in The Nutcracker. She reflects on Luke’s dedication to dance and the family’s tradition of attending Boston Ballet performances, passed down through generations.

Megan’s connection with Boston Ballet began in her childhood, attending performances with her mother, creating a tradition she continued with her own children. She highlights the dedication required as a parent, navigating the commute to the Boston Opera House and the South End for classes. Undeterred by the logistics, Megan cherishes the tight-knit community in the South End, which has become a second home through Luke’s ballet journey.

Acknowledging the demanding schedule of 18 performances this season, Megan expresses her commitment to attending as many as possible, having enjoyed almost every performance last year. When asked about the skills Luke has gained from ballet beyond technique, Megan emphasizes “discipline, time management, perseverance, and the importance of staying true to oneself—a testament to the holistic impact of ballet on Luke’s character.”

Luke Hansen will gracefully take the Citizen’s Bank Opera House stage beginning November 24th through December 31st. Tickets can be purchased here.

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