Hingham ZBA Approves ATT Small Cell Wireless Facilities

Small Cell Wireless Facility – near 183 Whiting St

February 29, 2024 Submitted By Cell Service for Hingham

The Hingham Zoning Board of Appeals has approved variances for four ATT small cell wireless antenna facilities. The four sites are in zoning districts where these facilities are currently not permitted.

At its February 27, 2024 meeting, the board considered ATT’s applications to place wireless antennas on Hingham Municipal Light Plant poles in four locations. Two are to be installed on Fort Hill St. (near 44 and 136), one on Lincoln St. (near 169), and one on Whiting St. (near 183).

Attorney Ed Pare, representing ATT, explained that ATT has had a license agreement with Hingham Municipal Light Plant for these small low-power antennas since 2021.

ZBA chair Robyn Maguire asked, “I assume that the purpose of this is to improve cell phone service in the four locations in Hingham.” Attorney Pare replied saying he’s been working with Hingham since 1988 and added, “I’m sure everybody knows Hingham has had a challenge getting good wireless coverage.” These small, very low-power facilities have an effective range of between a quarter and a third of a mile and are typically used to fill in areas identified as having poor capacity.  “Certainly, in these geographic areas…you’ll see vastly better coverage if you’re an ATT customer.”

Board member Paul Healy asked if any other carriers could join or is this just ATT. Mr. Pare said that it’s typical, in this type of licensing agreement with utilities, for that to be denied.

During public comments, it was mentioned that poor cell service in Hingham is a known issue, and that the fact that a major carrier would approach the town with a proposal to improve it was welcome. Hingham resident Justin Aborn pointed out, regarding other carrier access, that FCC regulations require that all wireless facilities offer access for all emergency, 911, calls regardless of the caller’s service provider.

The vote to approve the four variances was unanimous.

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  1. Hingham Journal August 17, 2006

    Selling cellular
    Carol Britton Meyer

    Antennas installed on top of utility poles could replace the need for additional, much taller, and sometimes- controversial cellular towers in Hingham.

    “As you drive through town through dead spots [for cellular reception], you would be able to pick up a signal from this kind of antenna,” said Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant Manager John Tzimorangas.

    Earlier this year, neighbors who opposed Sprint’s proposal to build a 120-140 foot monopole on Aquarion Water Company’s Main Street property as part of a wireless communications facility due in part to potential health and property value impacts, encouraged the town to look into the possibility of creating cellular connections via HMLP thro


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