Hingham Resident Catherine McCavanagh Expands Her Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Catherine McCavanagh

January 9, 2024 by Staff Reporter

Hingham resident Catherine McCavanagh, the creative mind behind Cushette handbags and accessories, has recently expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors with the establishment of Forest Advancement, a consulting business offering product consulting services. Catherine’s journey from conceiving a handbag idea to successfully running her own business provides the foundation for her newfound role as a mentor, guiding others through the intricate process of turning their product concepts into reality.

Having faced the challenges of starting a business herself, Catherine understands the overwhelming nature of such a venture. Recognizing the potential paralysis that can accompany the desire to start one’s own business, she aims to help individuals overcome initial hurdles and make significant progress toward achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.

Catherine’s story began with a unique handbag idea that fueled her determination to bring it to life. In her mid-40s, she realized the importance of taking action and not regretting missed opportunities. Undeterred by the success of others, Catherine took the pivotal first step by having a sample bag made. Testing the market by carrying her creation and seeking feedback, she received mostly positive responses, instilling the confidence needed to establish Cushette.

The journey to success was far from instantaneous; Catherine emphasizes the years of learning and numerous mistakes that shaped her path. Today, she continues to evolve, designing and manufacturing various accessories and apparel under Cushette.

With Forest Advancement, Catherine extends her expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs, offering guidance in transforming ideas, sketches, or prototypes into tangible products that can be sold and developed into a business. Drawing from her own experience, she understands the complexity of product manufacturing and provides assistance in identifying suitable manufacturers, even in foreign countries where language barriers may exist.

Catherine’s consulting services cover a spectrum of needs, from finding manufacturers to creating eCommerce websites and setting up shipping and fulfillment processes. She also offers an affordable headshot service to help clients make a strong online impression.

Understanding the financial constraints of starting a business, Catherine provides flexible pricing options. Whether clients opt for package deals or individual services, her goal is to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.

Catherine McCavanagh invites aspiring entrepreneurs to experience the satisfaction of bringing their ideas into the world. She believes that their unique perspectives could be exactly what the world needs. To connect with Catherine and explore how Forest Advancement can assist in your entrepreneurial journey, schedule a complimentary coffee chat or virtual meeting by reaching out to catherine@forestadvancement.com or visiting www.forestadvancement.com.

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