Hingham Public Schools Recognizes Seal of Biliteracy Recipients for 2023-2024

June 18, 2024 By Hingham Public Schools

Hingham Public Schools is proud to announce that 94 high school seniors have earned the prestigious Seal of Biliteracy for the 2023-2024 school year by demonstrating proficiency in two languages.

“The state has set a high bar for granting these awards, and our students have really risen to the occasion. Students who have earned this award have proven they are ready to use their language skills to open doors personally and professionally. The fact that so many seniors were able to earn this award speaks to their own hard work and dedication, as well as the hard work of their teachers, K-12!” shared World Language Director Erica Pollard.

The Seal of Biliteracy program aims to certify biliteracy skills, recognize language diversity, and prepare students for the global society and labor market. Students have met the required proficiency levels in English and a World Language through state-approved assessments. Hingham Public Schools acknowledges and congratulates the following students for their achievement:

Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction:
Nina Crean
Elise Eichner
Tanya Jaramillo Mesa
Maisie Knies
Killian La Tanzi
Grace Lafond
Alexa Monti
Hazel Orth
Jack Salem
Lily Steiner
Gabriel Synnott
Charles Taylor
Simran Vaishnava
Anne Vogelman
Seal of Biliteracy:
Cole Ackerman
Ryan Alexander
Caitlin Alexander
Nora Andrews
Liam Arnold
Walid Aoun
Jeremy Aylward
Arthur Barrett
Kali Becker
Jake Bell
Timothy Bevens
Sam Blake
Kathleen Blanchard
Chase Boles
Tori Bousquet
Joshua Bradshaw
Julia Buczynski
Jack Burns
Meghan Carr
Tadd Cavanaugh
Colin Chisholm
Aliyjah Debrosse
Kaitlin Dessy
Aidan Devlin
Alexander Doggett
Megan Doyle
Dylan Drew
Nicholas Foran
Wilson Fox
Alexandra Fox
Kathryn Hall
Sophie Kerr
Anna Kiernan
Jack Larkin
Jack Levy
Valerie Longo
Audrey Ludley
Ava Lydotes
Mandy Ma
Marcus Mangili
Maddie Mann
Noah Manning
Stella Matherwiecz
Anne Mercurio
William Monroe
Max Moraites
Cullen Moriarty
Michael Nicholson
Nicholas Oravitz
Angelina Palek
Rachel Patel
Bridget Patten
Dylan Patterson
Ella Poggenburg
Audrey Pringle
Patricia Ricci
Travis Rugg
Lily Samoska
Elizabeth Schembri
Mia Sharkansky
Matthew Sherwin
Katherine Shoemaker
Alea Shurbaji
William Sichol
Elinor Smith
Mark Sommers
Aradhana Sood
William St. Pierre
Gabriel Stevens
Kyle Strauss
Kevin Sullivan
Teddy Swanson
Kathleen Swanson
Charlotte Sweeney
Karina Tountas
Erata Turevicite
Genevieve Vale
Chris Volpe
Samantha Watts
Gwendolyn Wolfington
Maksim Zaitsev

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