Hingham PTO Sponsors Talk at HHS: “Forging Better Relationships With Our Kids & Each Other”

Joanna Dutra

November 16, 2022

Are you looking for ways to be more in touch with your kids? In these challenging times, we are all eager to learn as much as we can. Our interpersonal skills hit an all-time low during the pandemic and some connections were lost entirely.

Tonight, Wednesday 11/16, Joanna Dutra of The Creative Confidant will give a lively presentation to parents on ways we can communicate and connect better. She will offer some solid suggestions for re-engaging with one another which can also help our parenting style.

Free to the public, please consider attending this PTO-sponsored event at Hingham High School tonight at 7PM in the auditorium.

Joanna Dutra is the founder of The Creative Confidant, and brings a 20-year background in advertising and product marketing for Fortune 500 companies to a personal level.

Joanna is a confidence coach, motivational speaker, and a writer. Through words and other creative ways, she helps people uncover hidden talents and build their own personal brand. Joanna runs confidence workshops for people of all ages, encouraging them to harness their creativity and improve their outlook. Her passion is finding ways of unveiling and illuminating strengths and helping people feel better about themselves through inspiration and motivation.

Joanna has a broad musical and theater background, plays the piano and violin, and loves to sing. She’s even done stand-up comedy.

She is also a frequent contributor to Forbes, where her vision of the world is a source of humor and positivity. Whether making presentations or making people laugh, Joanna believes confidence is contagious. It's just a matter of finding the right view of yourself.

Additional information and recent Forbes articles can be found on her website: www.thecreativeconfidant.com and follow her on Instagram @thecreativeconfidant

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