Hingham Middle School Drama Presents Shrek Jr.

8th graders Izzie Donnelly and Oisin Rowen play Fiona and Shrek in HMS Drama’s production of Shrek Jr.

March 22, 2023 – Photos by Joshua Ross

Over 130 students of Hingham Middle School’s drama program are part of the cast and crew of Shrek Jr.  The shows are Wednesday and Thursday this week and are both sold out.  The performances are just as good as the costumes and set designs.  Check out the photos below of the final dress rehearsal.

MAIN CAST LIST (full list in playbill at show)

SHREK… Oisin Rowan

FIONA… Izzie Donnelly

DONKEY… Miles Woolfson


GINGY… Aliyah Blidner

YOUNG FIONA … Emmeline Lefort

TEEN FIONA … Kimya Howell

DRAGON… Charlotte McViney

DRAGONETTES… Julia Regan, Annie Sargent, Dee Sweeney

CAPTAIN OF THE GUARDS… Michael Blackwood

PINOCCHIO… Maggie Towle

BIG BAD WOLF… John Hamilton

THREE BLIND MICE… Emme Anne Beaudoin, Tahlia Van Ess, Breanna Weiss

THREE LITTLE PIGS … Griffin Blidner, Emma Lee, Ginger Niehoff

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