Hingham Meet Liz Lima, Owner of South Shore Sports Center and South Shore Select Soccer


Liz Lima, Owner of South Shore Sports Center and South Shore Select Soccer (photo by Josh Ross)

April 1, 2024 By Hilary Jenison

Walking into the South Shore Sports Center, you immediately feel a sense of pride and a feeling of “home.” Recent renovations make the space lighter, brighter, and more inviting than ever. I recently had the opportunity to interview Liz Lima, Owner of South Shore Sports Center and South Shore Select Soccer, to interview her about her businesses and meaningful community partnerships. As a female South Shore business owner, I always love meeting other female business leaders, and let me tell you, it was such a treat to sit and connect with Liz. She’s impressive beyond measure. Lima is a lifelong South Shore resident who played soccer at Harvard and then went on to play professionally in the US and Italy.

“My parents were first-generation Americans, and soccer has always provided my family with so many opportunities both on and off the field,” said Lima. “Through South Shore Sports Center and South Shore Select Soccer, I’m passionate about giving back to the sport I love by creating a community space to bring people together through athletics and empowering young athletes to be confident, strong individuals and community members.”

Photo by Josh Ross

Pride in People and Community: South Shore Sports Center’s Success Story 
Lima employs more than 75 people through her businesses to bring her passions and vision to life. She expressed immense pride in the people associated with the South Shore Sports Center and South Shore Select – the staff, leadership, families, and customers. She believes in creating an environment where work is not just a job but a way of life. The South Shore Sports Center’s diverse programming, including basketball, lacrosse, baseball, adult sports leagues, birthday parties, and other kids activities, fosters a sense of belonging for everyone in our community. The emphasis on creating a safe and welcoming space has turned South Shore Sports Center into a place that feels like home and where “everyone knows your name.”

Similarly, she attributes the success of South Shore Select, to staying true to values and maintaining a relentless commitment to excellence. Lima shared stories of former players who excelled in soccer and succeeded in various careers, emphasizing the life lessons learned through sports. For example, Ally Sentnor was just the number one draft pick in the National Women’s Soccer League Draft, and she began playing soccer for South Shore Select at age 6. Additionally, residents of Hingham, Lilly Reale and Sophie Reale, have achieved significant accolades in their athletic careers. Lilly Reale made history as the first player to win the Pac-12 Defender of the Year award in consecutive years. Meanwhile, Sophie Reale was honored as the Gatorade Player of the Year in 2023. Both of them are distinguished alumni of the South Shore Select program.

Lima’s goal is to continue to be the best girls program in the country and to continue to grow the boys program, which she started only five years ago, as the best boys program in the region. However, it’s not just about cultivating great athletes for Liz; it’s about empowering great people.

“At the end of the day, my goal is not only to develop incredible soccer players but also to empower amazing people who have the tools they need for future success beyond the boundaries of the soccer field,” shared Lima.

Photo by Gillian Eva

Building Beyond Transactions: A Community Bank Relationship of Trust
While the success of her companies is clearly evident, she’s also not shy about discussing some of the challenges she has had to overcome as she grows her businesses here on the South Shore. In an industry with few women leaders, Lima is a female powerhouse facing challenges head-on. When challenges arise, Lima shares that one community partner she relies on time and time again is South Shore Bank.

Lima shed light on South Shore Bank’s invaluable role in the success and growth of her business. “The Bank’s commitment to community values, long-standing relationships, and going beyond the conventional role of a Banking partner is what sets South Shore Bank apart,” shared Lima. “When the need arose, South Shore Bank stepped up big time, demonstrating a commitment that goes beyond mere transactions. As small businesses strive to grow, having a Banking partner that stands by you becomes crucial.”

In 2020, Lima had the opportunity to buy the South Shore Sports Center real estate. John Mannion at South Shore Bank’s Hingham branch played a pivotal role in helping her secure the funding. “The value of their guidance was not only financial but also strategic. My relationship with Mannion is akin to having a trusted business advisor and friend, and that relationship, as well as with others at the Bank continues today,” shared Lima.

Lima emphasized that being in the people business, relationships are paramount. The Bank’s ability to recognize and know their clients personally sets them apart in an industry where personal connections often take a backseat. The Bank has consistently demonstrated a commitment to the community, understanding that caring for people goes hand in hand with shared success and financial prosperity. As South Shore Sports Center and South Shore Bank move forward hand in hand, they exemplify how a strong partnership can be the cornerstone of success in business and community alike.

Photo by Gillian Eva

Looking Ahead: A Vision of Inclusivity and Growth
Looking to the future, Liz Lima is excited about the possibilities ahead. The plan includes attracting diverse tenants, from physical therapists to gyms, sponsorships, and more. Her goal is to update spaces effectively over time while preserving the facility’s rich history. So many people who come through our doors have been playing sports here since they were kids; the memories run deep, and we value that,” said Lima.

The trajectory of success involves continuing to attract the best staff, ensuring that they align with the mission and values of her businesses, and continuing to enrich relationships within the community.

South Shore Bank remains a vital component of this vision, serving as a financial partner and collaborator in the journey towards community building and empowerment.

We know big things are ahead for Lima and both the South Shore Sports Center and South Shore Select programs; as community partners, we can’t wait to be part of it and watch them continue to impact our community in so many positive ways!

Thank you to South Shore Bank for supporting local journalism through this sponsored article.

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