Hingham Land Conservation Trust Annual Meeting On Sept. 23 Will Be Virtual

8. MAY--Volunteers from WILD ONES help with planting
September 15, 2020 by Eileen McIntyre, Chair, Board of Trustees, Hingham Land Conservation Trust

The Hingham Land Conservation Trust (HLCT) has announced that its September 23rd 7 pm Annual Meeting will now be held online, live-via-ZOOM, as the ongoing public health emergency restrictions make it impossible to hold the meeting, as originally planned, at the Hingham Public Library.

The Land Trust will send a ZOOM invitation to those whose email address is in the HLCT database, but you also can request an invitation by emailing AnnualMeeting@hinghamlandtrust.org.

The annual meeting agenda will begin with a brief business meeting, and approval of the Hingham Land Conservation Trust’s Board of Trustees slate for 2020.

The balance of the meeting will focus on the topic “The Buzz About Pollinators and How to Attract Them” with guest speaker Sean Kent from Mass Audubon.

After this informative talk, Art Collins will brief the audience on the HLCT’s Native Wildflower Initiative and its inaugural pollinator garden project, a collaborative effort underway since early spring at Bare Cove Park in Hingham. Much has been accomplished since the HLCT announced the Triangle Garden Demonstration Pollinator Garden project in April, and if you walk at Bare Cove Park you may have seen some of the results.

The Land Trust expects to have some time for questions from the online audience before concluding the Zoom meeting at about 8:30 pm.

To learn more about the HLCT, visit hinghamlandtrust.org

Below is a slideshow of photos of the 2020 pollinator garden project at Bare Cove Park. The photos attached show the garden from the start of the project-- from April (clearing and ground prep) to May (planting native pollinator friendly plants with help from volunteers) to summer (GARDEN has been buzzing with pollinators thanks to volunteer watering crew that got the young plants through periods of drought.)  All photos courtesy of Eileen McIntyre.

1. APRIL--Clearing the Triangle for Planting
2. APRIL--Soil prepared for planting
3. MAY--Plants have arrived
4. MAY--More seedlings ready to plant
5. MAY--Garden sketched out
6. MAY Art Collins HLCT vice chair leads planting effort
7. MAY--Markers for first round of plantings in place
8. MAY--Volunteers from WILD ONES help with planting
9. MAY--Seedlings get planted and garden markers added
10. Summer--Pollinator friendly garden
11. SUMMER--False Blue Indigo growing
12. LATE SUMMER--Plants for pollinators thriving
13. Late summer--Plants for pollinators thriving #2
14. Late summer--Plants for pollinators thriving #3
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Eileen McIntyre is Chair, Board of Trustees, Hingham Land Conservation Trust

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