Hingham High School Class of 2024: ‘We have shared an incredible four years’

Class president Tadd Cavanaugh

May 2o, 2024 By Carol Britton Meyer

The 284 members of the Hingham High School Class of 2024 are looking forward to their Saturday, June 1, graduation ceremony and a bright future.

Starting at 10 a.m. — weather permitting — the impressive long line of graduates-to-be will make its way across the turf field to their seats — before accepting their well-deserved diplomas following four years of both challenging and good times shared with classmates in the spirit of camaraderie.

This year’s graduating seniors can look back on a “unique educational experience,” Principal Rick Swanson told the Hingham Anchor. “Their eighth-grade year was cut short by the pandemic, and their transition to the high school was highly unorthodox, due to hybrid learning and masking that continued through more than half of their sophomore year, too. Here at HHS, though, our seniors demonstrated incredible resilience and will leave our school with many great memories. The Class of 2024 made a very positive impact on HHS, and they will not be forgotten!”

Class President Tadd  Cavanaugh, Vice President Ellie Clark, Treasurer Logan Price, and Secretary Isabel McCabe shared their reflections of the past four years with the Hingham Anchor:

Tadd — “Before you enter the front doors of Hingham High School, you must walk a cold and windy 5-minute distance from the student parking lot to our classrooms. This trek is the perfect way to start a day, as it forces you to step outside your comfort zone.

“Out of the comfort” would be the best way I would describe my experience alongside my almost 300 other students. And every day, as I’d exit my warm car and step out onto that treacherous and frigid path, I’d be reminded that for the four years of 180 school days, I would be walking alongside musicians, athletes, scholars, actors, and wonderful friends.

Through inclusion and passion, this diversely talented group has constructed such a strong community. In the first year, we began our journey behind a screen and later behind masks, yet smiles couldn’t help but peek through the sides as we attended our first year of high school. Maybe it was our excellent teachers that got us smiling so much, or perhaps it was the 3-hour work days that found us at home eating lunch by 12:30 p.m. Nonetheless, when then-Governor Charlie Baker declared mandatory masks were no longer needed in March of our freshman year, we were bursting with joy as normality resurfaced.

As the years followed, students began to rise into roles such as players on sports teams winning games, putting the class of 2024 on the map as my classmates scored goals, performed in musicals, and rocked out at town concerts. This year, we held most of our events, crushing car washes, watching movies at our grade-wide movie night, and working the snack shack at the big football game against Duxbury.

No matter the event, the grade came rushing for it with open arms, often with the aid of teacher chaperones who dedicated their busy schedules to volunteering. This was especially true at our junior prom, during which we took so many class photos with our wonderful teachers and danced alongside them at homecoming. Our teachers were an integral part of our journey.

These past four years took everyone out of their “comfort zone” as voyages from far away were walked, friends were made and lost, and memories cemented into our minds.

Thank you, teachers and classmates, for making my job as class president so wonderful and easy because I was surrounded by such a talented and remarkable group of students.  Signing off, Class of 2024.

P.S. I wish I could see you next fall.”

Ellie Clark, HHS Class of 2024 vice president

Ellie — “Although our freshman year was not what we expected, our class definitely made the most of it. Some of my very first high school memories include participating in spirit week over Zoom and the 2020 virtual holiday fair — experiences that only made us more eager to eventually come together for in-person events such as our class car wash, homecomings, and first sports games joining the Red Army. Despite this unique intro to high school, I can confidently say that our class-wide participation and school spirit have come a long way.

I think what makes this class so special is our camaraderie. Our friendship and support for one another is something I will always cherish. Saying goodbye won’t be easy, but I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all. I look forward to celebrating our time at HHS with the upcoming senior picnic, senior night, and prom as our last hurrah. We have shared an incredible four years; let’s finish it off on a memorable note!

It has been an honor representing our class alongside Tadd, Logan, and Isabel. Thank you to all of my classmates and teachers who have made my high school experience an unforgettable and fulfilling one. Congratulations, Class of 2024! We should all be very proud.”

Logan Price the HHS Class of 2024 treasurer

Logan — “While I’ve enjoyed all 4 of my years at HHS and as class treasurer, I think that around our junior year, our class started to get a lot closer. I think junior prom was an especially important event that brought members of our class together in a special way. With Covid during our freshman year, we weren’t as close as some other classes around us and the junior prom was one of the first events that nearly every member of our class attended.”

Hingham High class secretary Isabel McCabe

Isabel — “I have learned so much these past 12 years in the Hingham school system. I would always look up to the older kids, the fifth-graders when I was in kindergarten, the eighth-graders when I was a sixth-grader, and the seniors I played sports with as a shy freshman.

The next few weeks will go by so fast with prom and graduation, and it’s important to enjoy it all. It really does feel like yesterday that our DC trip was cancelled and we were thrown into online learning. I have loved being involved in our class as a leader and can only imagine the great places everyone will end up.”

Graduation will be held on Saturday, June 1, rain or shine. If the weather is inclement, graduation will be postponed from 10 a.m. until later in the day or relocated to the high school gymnasium.

Notification of this decision will be made as early as possible and posted on the HHS website. Because of limited seating in the gymnasium, graduates will be restricted to two guests if the ceremony is moved indoors; however, outside seating is unlimited.

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