HHS Crew Team Hosts Duxbury for the Frosty Bow Sprints to Close Out the Season

HHS girls crew Varsity 1 boat in the Frosty Bow vs Duxbury this past Saturday.

November 9, 2023 – Story by Holly Moriarty, photos by Joshua Ross

The Hingham High School Crew team wrapped up the fall season with their second annual hometown Frosty Bow Sprints against long-time friendly rival, Duxbury Bay Maritime School last Saturday in Bare Cove Park. The HHS Crew team traditionally invites Duxbury up for the Frosty Bow Sprints and also the Salty Bow Sprints to kick off the spring season.

“It’s always a great experience to race against Hingham at Bare Cove Park,” said Oli Rosenbladt, head coach at Duxbury Bay Maritime School. “The rivalry between Duxbury and Hingham is fierce and respectful, and we’re very happy to get the opportunity to race here.”

“Our team had a fun week getting ready for a home race, especially against Duxbury. Our teams fight back and forth every season, and it’s always great competition with great neighbors,” said Alix Howie, head coach of the boys HHS Crew team.

Boys V1 boat racing Duxbury in the Frosty Bow regatta.

The weather on Saturday afternoon was perfect for rowing, sunny and cool with a light southwest breeze. The Back River was flat calm for the 1,300 meter races. Crowds of spectators lined the banks of the Back River to cheer on the teams.

“My favorite thing about racing at Bare Cove, bar none, is that you can hear the crowds all the way down the cove. Crew is not exactly known as a great spectator sport, and it’s great that the kids get a chance to race at a venue where it feels like racing in an arena,” added Coach Rosenbladt.

The Hingham and Duxbury boys novice boats raced first with Duxbury crossing the finish line 30 seconds ahead of Hingham. Lucas Mangili coxed Oisin Rowan in stroke seat, followed by Will Watts, Liam Govoni, Noah Rawoof, Trey Celidonio, Henry Hoch, Aedan Sullivan, and Seph Darlington in bow.

“Frosty Bow provided the opportunity the novice team needed to mix up the lineups and give everyone some more racing experience,” said Abi Kornet, novice coach of the boys HHS Crew team. “I’m proud of them for coming together and getting after it. Many thanks to Duxbury as always for some solid competition.”

Girls V3-B racing in the Frosty Bow regatta.

HHS’s girls novice rowers and coxswains competed in the varsity races in both the A and B Hingham boats. Several of the boys novice rowers also mixed into the varsity lineups.

In the girls third varsity race, Duxbury placed first, 18 seconds ahead of HHS’s A boat, with Hingham’s B boat crossing 18 seconds later. The third varsity A crew included both novice and varsity rowers, with Lauren Newth in stroke seat, followed by Shauna Arseneau, Taylor Sargent, Elsie Olin, Rose Lovendale, Hayley Kost, Riley Stocks, Annie Sargent in bow, and coxswain Emily Gu.

Novice athletes made up the Hingham B boat crew: coxswain Octavia Atkins, stroke Jane Melia, Thea Migliaccio, Eliza Powers, Stella Gutierrez, Kaylee Araujo, Eva O’Sullivan, Lexi Messina, and Shayla St. Croix in bow.

The boys second varsity boats had no open water between them as they crossed the finish line, with Duxbury coming out just three seconds ahead of Hingham. Jack Levy coxed Owen Franklin, followed by Jack Burns, Will Cassidy, Arlo Maxwell, Brendan Engel, Kyle Strauss, Owen Weinstein, and Cullen Moriarty.

Boys V3.

“It was high stakes this weekend with only 1,300 meters of water and being our first sprint race since last spring. We were quick and strong off the start and stayed neck and neck with Duxbury, but they just pulled past in the sprint. It was so fun having them there, they are great rivals and have good sportsmanship,” said Cullen Moriarty, bow seat of the 2V and captain on the HHS Crew team.

The boys third varsity A crew took the first win for Hingham, beating Duxbury by seven seconds, with Hingham’s B boat finishing 28 seconds later. HHS’s A crew included coxswain Tyler Bastia, Hanley Stroka in stroke seat. Trevor Steiner, Lachlan Knies, Oliver McLucas, Ryan Kost, Liam Connelly, Owen Cerrato, and in bow Niko Mangili.

“My boat felt ready even though we didn’t have as much water time as we wanted. The race itself felt good, and we were able to pull away with it. I’m proud of everyone, in our boat’s effort to win that race,” said Ryan Kost, senior on the 3V crew.

Hingham’s B boat was a mix of novice and varsity athletes, including Will Whitrap, Ryan Potter, Aqueel Bharmal, Zach Robbins, Michael Catalfano, Jack O’Leary, Luca Arienti, Brent Strauss, and coxswain Lucas Mangili.

Boys Novice boat racing on Saturday in the Frosty Bow regatta.

“We maintained a very solid pace despite a quickly developed lineup consisting of some novice rowers as well. It felt good to be out on the water again. Our coxswain, Lucas, did a great job coxing his first varsity boat, and this race definitely left us all excited for the upcoming spring season,” said sophomore Will Whitrap, stroke seat of the third varsity B boat.

The girls second varsity finish was even tighter than the boys’ 2V race, with Hingham’s A crew beating Duxbury by just one second, and Hingham’s B boat coming in third 20 seconds later.

Ella Poggenburg coxed Lulu Orth, Dania Thayer, Sophia Santarelli, Genevieve Vale, Ava Green, Natalie Shaw, Madeline Kittinger, and Abrielle Beaudoin for Hingham’s 2V A crew.

Girls V3-A rowing in the Frosty Bow regatta.

“I love racing in Hingham. Being able to have a friendly scrimmage on home turf was so much fun,” said sophomore Lulu Orth, stroke of the girls 2V boat. “The location made it possible for my grandparents to come and watch from the sidelines and get a feel for why this sport means so much to me. Not only this, but we had so much fun against great competition.”

Hingham’s second varsity B boat included novice and varsity athletes: Thea Migliaccio in stroke seat, followed by Jane Melia, Maddie Owens, Eliza Powers, Aubrey Fairfield, Emme Beaudoin, Bianca Kiley, Jesse Tennebo in bow, and coxswain Audrey Smith.

“All of our athletes adapted well, as they changed their racing focus from long distance to short sprints,” said Pat Houle, novice coach of the girls HHS Crew team. “The novice used their one day on the water this past week to practice racing starts and high stroke ratings to prepare for a tough battle against Duxbury’s three varsity boats. Overall I was proud of their racing and look forward to our spring racing season!”

The boys first varsity race came out in a draw. Hingham crossed the finish line two seconds ahead of Duxbury, but while in the lead earlier in the race, had veered into Duxbury’s lane, causing the oars to clash.


Girls V2-B.

“It is always fun competing with Duxbury. Having them come out for the Frosty Bow and shaking their hands after the race maintains the mutual respect between our programs,” said Josh Bradshaw, senior in the 1V boat and captain on the team. “There is nothing better than this race to get us excited for the spring season.”

Junior Sam Ackerman, stroke of the 1V boat, added, “The race was a build-up of a season’s worth of emotions. It was a dog fight to the end, coming down to who wanted it more, and who wasn’t willing to give up.”

Torbjorn Tennebo coxed Sam Ackerman, James Feeley, Walker Bogen, Dylan Drew, Alex Doggett, Will Barry, Josh Bradshaw, and Slater Fairfield for the boys 1V.

“What an exciting end to an incredible season,” said Coach Howie. “Frosty Bow also marks the transition from fall head racing to spring sprinting, and we couldn’t be more excited. Spring season is honestly the best part of this sport, and it was so great to see all the athletes working hard and enjoying it. It helps to make the winter go by faster, and get us looking ahead and preparing for a challenging spring schedule.”

The girls first varsity crews finished up the day with another close finish. Duxbury placed first, six seconds, or about half a boat length, ahead of Hingham.

Boys V2.

“I’m super proud of every boat that raced at Frosty Bow and for finishing this season on such a high note!” said Marissa Matthews, senior and captain of the HHS Crew team. “It was amazing to have our town come out to cheer us on as we competed next to a very strong Duxbury team, and gave us a great glimpse into the spring season. Our performance this weekend proved how strong and competitive we are, and we are all excited looking forward to the spring because of how much improvement our crew has made this season!”

Maeve Schnorr rowed in stroke seat for the 1V, followed by Maisie Knies, Sophie Kerr, Isabelle Wagner, Ava Sugrue, Nayah Ryan, Marissa Matthews, and Lydia D’Arcy in bow, with coxswain Alexa Fox.

“I love racing our neighbors,” said Lulu Orth. “So many people on our team have someone they know on Duxbury’s team, making for some perfect friendly racing. Ending the season in a beautiful place and surrounded by people that I love so much, I feel so lucky to have an opportunity to compete in this fun race.”

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