‘Heroes Among Us’ is theme for this year’s Fourth of July parade; fifth-grade button contest begins

January 27, 2021 by Carol Britton Meyer

In recognition of the many frontline workers "who have worked and continue to work tireless hours battling this life-changing pandemic," the Fourth of July Parade Committee unanimously chose "Heroes Among Us" for this year's parade theme.

"The committee wants to ensure the winning button design reflects first responders that not only include doctors and nurses, but also grocery store workers, restaurant staff, teachers, nursing home staff, therapists, utility workers, policemen, firemen, EMTs, military personnel, scientists/researchers, janitors, sanitation workers, bus drivers, truck drivers, pilots, mailmen, parcel delivery drivers, government officials, and clergy members -- to name a few," said Committee Chair Jim Murphy. "This is an opportunity for our students to be creative and to honor THEIR heroes!" (See the template posted below for Hingham 5th graders to assist them in creating their own designs for this year's parade theme. Submissions are due March 31.

"We hope that we will be able to present a parade this year that will include honorees from last year's parade [which did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic]," Murphy said.

The committee is also hoping to invite frontline workers to march in the parade behind the grand marshal banner to celebrate their efforts and to give spectators an opportunity to cheer them on.

"We also plan to invite the Town of Cohasset to join our parade with a Cohasset 250 float if they wish to, since their big 250th anniversary celebration was lost in last year's catastrophe," Murphy said.

2 thoughts on “‘Heroes Among Us’ is theme for this year’s Fourth of July parade; fifth-grade button contest begins”

  1. Heroes Among Us, great theme,

    But a lot of heroes are the “moms, dads, guardians” that had to keep our children safe, healthy and secure!! And maintain hope, optimism and values.

    “Character of a Person is how well you handle life challenges” K. Heggie


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