Dwight Hartman Announces Candidacy for Hingham Recreation Commission

Photo courtesy of Dwight Hartman

February 25, 2021, Submitted by Dwight Hartman

My name is Dwight Hartman and I am running for the open position on the Hingham Recreation Commission. I have lived in Hingham for 19 years with my wife Cathy and two sons Cole (20) and Connor (17). I have been a practicing physical therapist for 25 years and currently have my own practice, Hartman Physical Therapy, here in Hingham. As a High School and College athlete and as a physical therapist, I have always valued the importance of physical fitness, health and well-being. My objectives as a physical therapist often center on keeping people active and enjoying the recreational activities they love. As such, I feel that my interests align very well with the Mission and Values of the Hingham Recreation Department.

I have long held a great appreciation for all of the recreational opportunities that Hingham provides its residents and the Recreation Department is a big part of that picture. Both of my boys have attended and one also worked several years at the Rec Summer Camp which impressively was the only such camp to remain open during last summer. I have been impressed with the leadership and vision of Director Mark Thorell who has emphasized the importance of keeping Hingham children engaged in physical activity and outdoor experiences.

I am excited to take my interests in health, physical fitness and well-being and assist the Recreation Department in any way I can in their efforts to provide high quality recreation programs and facilities to the Hingham community.

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