Darren Baker

Darren Baker

September 22, 2022 

Dr. Darren P. Baker died suddenly Thursday, September 15th, 2022. Beloved husband of Patricia “Trish” M. Cairns, veterinarian, Norwell Veterinary hospital and father of Cameron Baker, Jacqueline Baker, and Graeme Baker. As a Ph.D. biochemist, Darren spent his career trying to improve the lives of others through science. Publishing just shy of 100 papers, Darren’s scientific interest started and remained in research, ending his career as the head biostats and medical hub leader at Sanofi Genzyme. His scientific background complemented his love for nature and all things wild. A known documenter, Darren took great pride in his detailed species lists ranging from fishing, to snorkeling, to amateur birding. Despite these passions, Darren is best remembered for his irreverent wit. After quoting Monty Python, Mr. Bean, or singing Jethro Tull, he stood by his mantra of “never an unexpressed thought” right until the end. A compassionate and caring father, he always found time to embarrass his children by acting himself. Darren brought life into every room and touched every soul across his path, he will be dearly missed. The funeral is set for 11:00am, Saturday, September 24th at St. John’s Parish, 172 Main St., Hingham MA.

A fund has been established to help the family with expenses and Graeme’s education. If you would like to contribute, checks may be sent to either:

Meg Milton, 6 Marshall Road, Hingham or Ally Donnelly, 227 Main Street, Hingham.

Please make checks out to either Meg or Ally for deposit at Citizen’s. You can also contribute using Venmo to Susan Nash, @sslaugenhaupt

The family is incredibly grateful for your support.

2 thoughts on “Darren Baker”

  1. Thank you, Hingham Anchor, for sharing with the world this wonderful description of Darren. Whether it was during a commute on the Boston ferry or from bumping into each other on a dog walk around the neighborhood, I always knew that as soon as I saw Darren I was in for a great conversation. His constantly curious and inquisitive scientist’s mind, his impish wit, his genuine interest in the people and world around him, all combined with his generous heart and spirit to make for a delightfully splendid chat. He also never wavered in his endless patience with my amateur science questions.
    I’ll still chat with him. I like the idea that perhaps on some level, in some way, that will make him smile his wry grin and chuckle with amusement.
    Sleep well, Sweet Prince.


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