Bernadette (Bonnie) Pollock

December 1, 2022 

December 5, 1928 - August 31, 2022

Bonnie was the 2nd of 4 children born to Jim and Agnes Garrity. A beautiful baby and a fun loving child, she attended 12 years of parochial school before matriculating and graduating from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Bonnie was an accomplished artist and designer. Impressed by her talent, one of her teachers offered her a position in his New York Art Studio which serviced the textile industry. Her interest in art lasted throughout her life and she spent more than 20 years as a docent in the Rochester, N.Y. and Richmond, VA Art Museums.

And her artistic skills were manifested in a practical way as her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were the beneficiaries of her seamstress skills, needlework designs, keepsake paintings and innumerable creative crafts.

Teaching was another one of Bonnie’s passions, and she was never happier than she was in the classroom with her 2nd graders. She loved them. They knew it. And they reciprocated.

She always found time to be engaged in her parish and her community, and devoted 25 years as a volunteer at Bon Secour Saint Mary’s Hospital in Richmond, VA - 3 of those years as Director of over 200 volunteers.

Bonnie had an innate enthusiasm and love of life that transcended all she did. Behind her beautiful facade there was a child-like wonder and charming innocence that reflected her loving and charismatic nature. She had a delightful personality and could light up a room with her smile. She was inclined to like everybody and everybody reciprocated. Her conversations were punctuated with action verbs and sound effects which only served to enhance the many happy hours spent in her company.

In 1951 Bonnie married her high school sweetheart, Jimmy Pollock - a marriage that really was a love story that lasted 71 years. God blessed them with 4 wonderful children; 14 grandchildren; and 25 great grandchildren. Although she loved to travel and be active in her community, at her core she was a most loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, devoted to her family and her Catholic faith. Family gatherings to savor Bonnie’s gourmet meals and enjoy her hospitality are treasured memories and she made each child feel like he or she was her favorite.

After a long struggle with physical and mental challenges, Bonnie breathed her last on August 31, 2022. We pray that God welcomed her into His Kingdom of angels and saints where she will live forever in peace and love. Our sorrow to see her go is exceeded by our joy, in faith, that she is happier now than she has ever been.

Bonnie is survived by her husband, James, and her 4 cherished children - Christine Puzo (Michael); Bart Pollock (Mary Pat); Amy Pollock and Laura Salamone and their families plus numerous nieces and nephews.

uneral services were held in Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania on September 24. Bonnie will be remembered at the 9:00 daily Mass at St. Paul Parish, Hingham on Saturday, December 3.

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