Athlete of the Week Presented by College Hype 3/4/24: Dance Team Captains

March 4, 2024 – Story and photos by Joshua Ross

This week’s Athlete(s) of the Week presented by College Hype lead a team that performs all year round but competes in competitions just twice a year.  Seniors Hazel Orth, Stella Matherwiez, Kate Rachalski, and Aerin O’Neill are the captains of the Hingham High Dance team, which not only provides countless halftime performances, but led their team to a 5th place finish at the State competition this week-end.  The team just missed out on a third place finish by two points.  They finished third in their last two State competitions last fall and last winter.

“I want to acknowledge the exceptional leadership displayed by our senior captains Stella, Kate, Aerin and Hazel,” says coach Jenn Fenney. “Their guidance and mentorship has inspired the team to grow both professionally and personally. There is a quote that sums up these four – ‘The best captains are those who lead with their heart as well as their mind.’  And I can say that they have shown numerous amounts of kindness throughout their tenure as captains.”

It’s a credit to their leadership and commitment that the award-winning routines look effortless when in reality, they spend hours every week practicing and perfecting the performances for halftime shows and competitions.

“I also admire how all four of them aren’t afraid to push themselves and make mistakes,” Feeley goes on to say.  “You could just see how much they love dancing and their team when you watch them perform. The captains always find a way to get it done – and done well!”

Congrats Hazel, Stella, Kate, and Aerin!

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