Athlete of the Week Presented by College Hype 2/20/23: Brennan Burnett

Freshman Brennan Burnett celebrates after hitting the first of two three pointers on Tuesday night.

February 19, 2023 – Story and photos by Joshua Ross

In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss – “An athlete’s an athlete no matter what sport.”

Or at least that’s what he could have written.  This week’s Athlete of the Week presented by College Hype is an athlete in every sense of the word – passionate about the sport, a great teammate, terrific attitude, and gives maximum effort.  Hingham’s freshman Unified Basketball player Brennan “B Money” Burnett has all these qualities and then some.  On top of all that he can get the fans, from both sides, on their feet with the best of them.

A perfect example of this was on Tuesday night when the Unified Basketball team had an inter squad scrimmage during halftime of the girls basketball game.   The entertaining match up was highlighted by not one, but two 3-pointers by Brennan, which got everyone in the gym up and cheering.  A memorable night for all involved and in attendance.

This isn’t the first time Brennan has electrified the crowd with his dramatic three pointer as Coach Joyce Eby explains.

”He is known for his famous 3-point buzzer beaters on the Unified Basketball team and razzledazzle ball handling skills,” Coach Eby says. “He had become a fan favorite throughout town!  We look forward to watching Brennan’s continued success with this upcoming Unified Track and Field season.  Go B Money!!”

Senior Jack Renna describes Brennan as the ultimate teammate.

”Brennan is a complete team player whose positive attitude is contagious,” Renna says. “He shows up with a smile on his face everyday and is always willing to lend a hand to fellow teammates.  His presence makes all of us better!”

Additionally, Brennan is the first freshman to receive this award this year.  Congrats Brennan!

Freshman Brennan Burnett with great form putting up three pointers in the Unified Basketball intra-squad scrimmage.
Senior teammates Evan Doherty (left) and Jack Renna storm the court after Brennan’s second three pointer of the game.



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