Athlete of the Week Presented by College Hype 11/6/23: Chris Connelly

November 6, 2023 – Story and photos by Joshua Ross

It’s that time of year, playoff time.  The most difficult weeks to pick an Athlete of the Week presented by College Hype.  Everyone is at the top of their game by now and every team that advances has one or two outstanding performers on the team.  We gave the edge this week to senior Chris Connelly.  The boys soccer team had two games this week – one on Monday vs Catholic Memorial to end the regular season and one on Sunday vs Woburn Memorial. to kick off their playoff run.  Chris scored two goals in each of those games and has been a force all year on the pitch helping to contribute to the team’s 17-1 regular season record.

“Chris has been among one of the team’s most consistent players, always finding ways to get the ball in space and combine passes with others or take it himself,” says senior captain Nick Oravitz.  “He uses his strength and speed to beat defenders and score lots of goals as shown this past game with his two goals in a big playoff win. Chris is a great team player and always ensures that others  around him are always working hard during the games.”

Chris’s speed and ability to get behind the defense is a weapon for the Harbormen.  There’s been very few defenders who have been able to keep up with him this season.  He also seem to be in the right place at the right time and capitalizes more often than not when given the chance.

Chris and the rest of the Harbormen will play in the round of 16 at home on Wednesday at 6pm vs 14th seed West Springfield.

Congrats Chris!

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