Athlete of the Week Presented by College Hype 11/11/23 – Grace Maroney

November 11, 2023 – Story and photos by Joshua Ross

With six playoff games and two divisional track meets, Hingham was overrun with outstanding performances last week.  This week is one of those week’s where the performance on the field had a tremendous impact on the game, but won’t show up as stats on the scoresheet.  This week’s Athlete of the Week presented by College Hype is Grace Maroney.  The junior, who switched from offense to defense on the girls soccer team, arguabily kept the Harborwomen in the quarterfinals game on Saturday against the top seed defending their best player and keeping her off the scoreboard.

In what might have been the most physical game of the year, Grace literally bounced off the track along the turf, got up, and continued to have her best game of the season.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Grace,” says head coach Mary-Frances Monroe. “She is a game changer, great person, great teammate, competitor, mentally and physically tough, and one of the most inspiring players and people to be around. She has improved as a soccer player and was my go to player when I needed a forward shut down. We all saw this in the quarterfinals. She shut down single hand-idly their best player. I gave her a job and she looked at me with a smile! Got it coach! Whatever you need! She is just the best kid! Wish I had 20 Graces in my team. This is the reason why she is going to play lacrosse for Notre Dame! She is a sheer competitor with a winning mentality! I am so happy i get to coach Grace for one more year!”

Fellow defender and senior captain Reese Pompeo says her ability to play the ball at both ends of the field is a huge advantage for the team.

“Grace has improved enormously since changing her position to a defender. I can always count on her to stop plays as she uses her speed both defensively and offensively, as she likes to take the ball up. Her personality is what makes her the best and I can’t wait to see her take on bigger role next season.”

Even with the season ending earlier than they would have liked, it was a great sucess for Grace and her teammates and can’t wait for next year.

Congrats Grace!

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