A Night with New Friends at The White Hart Hotel and Pub in Hingham, Norfolk

October 19, 2019 by Laura Winters

The White Hart Hotel and Pub is the beating heart of the charming town of Hingham, Norfolk. It's the only pub for miles around and serves as the focal point of the community. Young and old, posh and poor; the entire community gathers in the pub throughout the day and evening to enjoy a pint and catch up on either the big match (rugby!) or the local gossip.

As word quickly circulated through the pubs that Americans from “new Hingham” were visiting, we had the pleasure of meeting the townspeople who greeted us with warm smiles and cold beers. (So, so many beers)

The White Hart Pub boasts a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of the Tavern section of Scarlet Oak. With wooden ceiling beams, rustic decor, a fireplace, and two rooms connected by a bar in the center, it's the perfect spot to unwind. If Scarlet Oak Tavern and The Snug Pub had a lovechild with a British accent, the White Hart Pub would be it.

We embarked on a culinary adventure, determined to savor as many menu options as possible (and also because we missed lunch). Our feast included the succulent pork tenderloin served with fingerling potatoes and charred cabbage in a lemon cream sauce, a classic cheeseburger (because we are unapologetically American), delectable chocolate chip scones paired with clotted cream (because we wanted to indulge in the British tradition), and parmesan truffle hand-cut fries (because...well, beer). The dishes were masterfully cooked, creatively seasoned, and downright delicious.

For breakfast, we relished a hearty English Breakfast alongside favorites like eggs benedict. Freshly baked scones, croissants, and pastries perfectly complemented the meal. Before departing, we indulged in a divine Mediterranean platter, featuring the most delectable hummus we've ever tasted, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, and French Onion soup. The hummus alone is almost worth the trip.

Our experience at the White Hart Pub was nothing short of amazing. We made new friends, shared countless laughs, and indulged in the delicious creations from the kitchen, which we later found out were cooked up by a group of talented teenage chefs!

One interesting observation we made was the difference in preferred mixed drinks between "new Hingham" and "old Hingham". While vodka and Sauvignon Blanc seem to be the drinks of choice in the US, the ladies in the English town prefer pink gin and lemonade with juniper berries, which we found surprisingly refreshing. We were informed that gin is currently a popular choice in England, which was evident from the extensive gin selection listed on a chalkboard above the bar.

Above the pub are the five elegantly styled rooms that make up Hingham’s only hotel.


During our stay at the White Hart, we were fortunate enough to spend time with Katie and Matthew, the owners of the inn and pub. Katie and Matthew are the kind of people that make you feel like you've known them forever from the moment you meet them. We spent the evening chatting with them, planning future trips to visit each other, and discussing which rooms we wanted to stay in during our next visit to the inn. They are not only kind and beautiful people, but also funny, smart, and a great asset to the town of Hingham.

One final message to Katie, Matthew, Carol Harris (the head of the Historical Society and our lovely tour guide), and all of the fine people of Hingham: Sam, Eve, Collin, Mike, Vic, John, Allison, Alfred, Sam, Angela, Molly, Mark, Phil, Diana, Louise, Susan, Tony, the “posh boys,” Simon, Neil Young, Keira, and everyone else who was so kind and welcoming to us - THANK YOU. You made our brief stay unforgettable, and we will always cherish the memories of the warmth and hospitality you extended to us. You will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we hope to repay your kindness someday, should you ever decide to visit "new Hingham."

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